Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Heaping Bowls of Goodness

Over the course of the last month, warm love and abundant generosity have been oozing up through fissures of this affliction. When your world is cracked open and even your most modest dreams hang by a spider's thread, it's the love, care and prayer from others that weaves your only safety net. I think we have some expert weavers around this family.

Many of you have generously contributed to the bank fund, to the salon raffle, to the PayPal fund and in many more ways that neither I nor the family even know. We are completely overwhelmed with gratitude. Some of you have simply handed small, valuable pieces of paper to Jordan or Lacie in person. Special friends dropped off a gift basket overflowing with fun toys and goodies to occupy and amuse Kyrie. The Love Box company matched a spontaneous collection taken up by Jordan's co-workers.

On behalf of great-grandma Norma and Nana Jan, A-1 Singer Sewing in Wichita did something very special. Since Kyrie is especially vulnerable to germs right now, they gave Jordan & Lacie a super-duper air purifier and sanitizer, a machine that cleans the air for Kyrie! And the Young Couples' Life Group at Family Church all pitched in and delivered a slew of delicious Super Suppers meals for Lacie & Jordan.

Kindness stirs the soul, doesn't it? Above all, though, are those compelling prayers from all over the world. Such good medicine.

Kyrie is returning home from her chemo treatment right now, a vial of vincristine and more anti-nausea Kytril (she was sick to her stomach last night). According to the oncologist, her cell counts are where they should be, and Lacie is going to start giving her Pediasure today since Kyrie's appetite is dwindling.

New photos to come soon.


AmyN said...

I think your family is amazing...and how lucky Lacie and Jordan are to have such great people surrounding them. I am 24 with two little girls of my own...and I can't imagine being so strong being put in a situation as you and your family has. I have a friend in Oregon that I really think could help with guidance or be a true shoulder to cry on and she would truley understand the battle you are fighting. If you are interested, feel free to let me know. Until next time God Bless you all especially mom dad and Beautiful Baby Kyrie!!!!

Debbie said...

We will never stop believing a miraculous healing for Kyrie. We are so proud of Jordan and Lacie and how they have stepped up to whatever tasks are necessary. We are thankful for how God gives them what they need to get through each day. We serve a great God and He wants to bless us abundantely! We are with you in spirit and friendship. Much Love and prayers, Boone & Debbie