Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So somehow, some way, something wasn't scheduled correctly at the hospital for Kyrie's MRI this morning. Her scan has now been rescheduled for Monday, which is frustrating just because of the extra hassle and extra sedation, but hey, it gives us five more days to pray really, really, really hard.

Despite the scan snafu, Kyrie did undergo her "hearing" test this morning. Her hearing is completely gone in her left ear. All of it. And according to the audiologist, it won't be coming back. The hearing in her right ear is a little worse than her test showed nearly two months ago. Jordan said that this is a result of the chemo. The little, tiny hairs in your ears help pick up mechanical vibrations of sound waves, which then cause cells to produce brief electrical signals that are sent to the brain as a wad of acoustic information. Chemo makes you lose even those little, important hairs. Even if they stopped chemo, it's unclear if the hairs would grow back and if her hearing in that ear would improve.

Kyrie will be getting some different anti-nausea meds today. She has been sick many times during each of the past few nights and vomited in the hospital this morning, too. They've also started the IV nutrition, so that should help keep her nourished while her body fights the cancer.

We knew two months ago that this would be a very tough battle, and I think we've just arrived at the trenches. Let's dig in, buck up and bolster Kyrie, Lacie & Jordan with an armory of heavy artillery prayers and support.

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