Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thankful Thursdays

Even with a topsy-turvy Wednesday, our girl was feeling a bit better yesterday. She even ate better, which unfortunately means that she had a stomach full of food this morning when she got sick.

Kyrie was even a little bit more ornery, too. She pulled the tissues out of an entire box of Kleenex, one by one! I've always wanted to do that.

And Lacie says that the sedation makes Kyrie silly. Yesterday, Kyrie laughed and grabbed her Hickman line, looked at Lacie, smiled and said, "No, no ..."

Jordan and Lacie's fridge is bursting with medications, IV packs, syringes and the like. Her new anti-nausea medication, Metoclopramide, must be mixed with saline and given to her over the course of 10-15 minutes through Hickman line three times a day. She still recieves her other anti-nausea med, Kitryl, two times a day every 12 hours. And she also gets her IV food that has to be mixed and put into an IV bag, then administered through her line for eight hours day for the next week. A lot of important work for our little family.

Lately, I've been thinking about blessings and gratitude. So many people have said that Kyrie's situation has made them appreciate their lives, their children more. Very glad for that, but it's a shame that it takes a threat to make us count our blessings. It's in the same realm as when we pray our best only in times of need. And it's easy to count the big blessings: health, home, friends, family, finances, but what about the itty bitty ones? What about the ones that are so small that you don't even notice them? Are they not blessings, too?

So I thought maybe on Thursdays, we could all reflect on the past week and find something miniscule, something you might have overlooked for years, something that brings a measure of goodness or ease or personal growth. It may not be big, it may not be perfect, but nevertheless you are grateful that it's in your life.

Today, I thank God for Kleenex.

What about you?


Carol Watson said...

My name is Carol Watson. I am thankful that Christie Coleman told me about Kyrie. I check the site everyday to see how things are going. My family prays for Kyrie and your whole family. We were in a difficult situation with our little angel a few years back. I know how important it is to have people encouraging and praying for you, especially in times like this. I just wanted to let you know I am one of those people praying for you all.

Karis Morrow said...

Greetings from Maryville, MO. Uncle Chad's Cousin, Karis, here. The little thing I am thankful for today is the internet. Without it we wouldn't have this amazing avenue of support for Lacie, Jordan and Kyrie.

Hugs, Karis

Patti Thome said...

Im grandpa Gary Thome's cousin. The big thing I'm thankful for is Megan who helps all of us try and understand... even when we have no idea how much Kyrie, Jordan and Lacie go thru each day. We can pray and know God's is great and will take care of them. Thanks Megan. We will keep all of you in our prayers. The small thing I'm thankful for is nausa meds.

DeeAnn said...

My name is Dee Ann. I met Nana Jan several years ago, and Kyrie and my grand-daughter are 3 weeks apart in age. Lacie and Jordan: I pray everyday for Kyrie. Lacie, I talked to your mom yesterday and she tells me how awesome and patient you are with Kyrie. God loves you! I am thankful for the time that Megan spends getting accurate information out on this blog regarding Kyrie's condition. Thanks Megan! I will be thinking of your family on Monday as Kyrie goes through her MRI, and am really praying for good results.

Renee said...

Hello, My name is Renee and I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that Jordan happened to be the person that answered the phone at the Love Box company! I am thakful he has introduced me to Kyrie's website, I now check on her daily! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
God Bless,
Renee Dusek-Higgins

Melissa said...

The "little" thing I'm thankful for is the little baby who was born in such a meek and lowly place. I'm thankful for what he brought with Him... I am thankful for hope...the promise that each new day brings. I am thankful that we have this hope because that little baby grew up and saved us all. I hm thankful for each morning's a little reminder from God that in Him anything is possible. And, like many others, I'm thankful for Megan. I'm thankful that God has given her a special gift of communication, that thru this site we might all be a small part of the battle that Kyrie and her mommy and daddy are fighting. And I'm thankful for her friendship. I consider Meg one of the greatest gifts God has given me. Praying that holy week brings wonderful news to all of you!

godsgirl said...

I am thankful for Gods grace.I am thankful for the new growth in all the trees flowers etc God brings to us each spring.I am thankful for this blog and for Megan doing all of this.I am thankful for Kyrie who God has blessed all of us with.God bless each of you,Debbie Schneider

Fringe Girls said...

Hi Lacie, Jordan,and most of Kyrie! Its the girls! Its our first time leaving a comment.Just wanted you guys to know that we are all praying for you and hope for the very best on Monday! We are all thankful to have you 3 in our lives. If you need anything you know how and where to reach us and don't hesitate to call. Love you all very much! We miss you alot Lacie!