Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Sweet Letter from Lacie to You

My name is Lacie Thome, and I’m Kyrie’s mom. I’m no Aunt Megan when it comes to writing, but I’ve wanted to say some things for a while. I just couldn’t find the words. Well, now it’s my turn to personally thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my beautiful daughter. They mean more than anyone could possibly know right now.

My family has been through a whirlwind of changes these past two months. Now we are just trying to cope and find what has to be our new “normal.” Every aspect of our life has now changed. Our lives are filled with doctor’s appointments and our errands we used to run together we can’t really do because of a world full of germs. We are trying to prevent everything we can so we must be careful where we go. Now I rely a lot on my mom (Nana) to do many of my errands for me. Last week Kyrie had her first outing, and we went to the salon I work at, then we decided to take her to the mall and get some new head-band bows. We had just switched to pony tails before all of this started. Not that any of that is important. It’s just sad because since the day she was born she has always had some hair. That was a great day, she was happy almost all day long. You come to appreciate days like that.

From day to day we really don’t know how it’s going to be. The two days following chemo we have learned are rough ones, but for such a little body I think she is so strong! I know I have a tough little girl. She knows how much she is loved and she’s going to put up the biggest fight, bigger than any cancer!!! Kyrie knows how much her mommy and daddy need her! That baby is my world. Lately she has been having several good days. Thank God! I just thought everyone should know right now she’s doing well. Today she sat in her Bumbo and colored, we played some ball, read some good books and watched some toons ("toons" is Kyrie’s word for cartoons).

Eating has also been quite difficult lately. You see, chemo changes everything, even your taste buds, so we have a hard time finding things she wants to eat. Because of this, she has switched back to mainly baby formula with a little milk so she gets the vitamins she needs. She will eat, its just a few bites here and there.

Anyways, Wednesday, March 28, Kyrie has to go back to Wesley for another hearing test to see if anything has changed. Directly following, she’ll get a MRI to see if the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do: hold the tumor at bay or even shrink it. So please say some extra prayers for Kyrie this week. We’ll get Megan the results as soon as we have them so she can get them posted.

Thanks again for everything everyone has done for my little princess and us the past couple of months. Everything has definitely been appreciated. Please continue to keep up with Kyrie and leave the comments. We love hearing from everyone. The words of inspiration from people we don’t even know have been so amazing. It means a lot to know how many people have been thinking and praying for her. She needs it right now… and I need her more than anything in the world so please keep it up.

With So Much Love,
Lacie Thome

Lounging and coloring.

Kyrie smiling with a french fry. (So happy to see that smile again!)


Tina said...

We will keep Kyrie in our prayers. You and Jordan are also in our prayers. What strength you to have shown. My heart breaks each time I think of all your family is going through, but God is good and I will continue to believe he is doing a miracle in that precious little girl. May His strength continue to get you through each day.
Love Tina Harding

AmyN said...

She is such a beautiful little girl!!! I love all of the pics you post. And that melts my heart!!!! :)

Melissa said...

Thank you for taking the time to share a piece of your heart with all of us. You and Jordan are so strong, and I know that God is just lifting you up when you don't feel strong enough. I don't know you well, but even the few times I've visited with you, it's SO obvious that you are an amazing mommy and that Kyrie is the center of your existence. Just keep holding on to that precious little baby and love her like ONLY you can love her...we'll keep the prayers coming! I know that God will continue to bless you, Jordan and sweet Kyrie. There are LOTS of people here in Cheney that are praying SO HARD for you!! People stop by my office every day just to see how she's doing and to get an update. So many people that don't know you just love you and are praying for your miracle!!
Big Love,
Melissa (Danny, Madison & Mason too!)