Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Girl and Her Dog.

For Christmas, Papa Thome gave Kyrie an ENORMOUS plush hound dog puppy in honor of Elvis, my dad's come-to-stay-stray dog on his farm. What else would you name a hound dog? Last summer, Kyrie & Elvis became friends while Jordan, Lacie and Kyrie were living with my dad as their new house was being built in Valley Center.

Kyrie has grown to adore this giant piece of fluff. They watch Baby Einstein together. They take naps together. They understand each other. On Monday night, one day home from the hospital, Kyrie insisted on sleeping with her puppy. And right now, if that's where she wants to rest, that's okay with absolutely everybody.

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Anita said...

What a doll? That's the great thing about dogs, they love you no matter what and they will let you completely love them back. (of course, her puppy is stuffed) I found Sydney asleep on Koda (our Australian Shepherd) just like that, except her head was at his back end. I hope things are going more smoothly for all of you. If you ever have a time Kyrie is resting and need a listening ear, please call us. We love you! Anita