Saturday, February 17, 2007

Recovering again.

Kyrie is out of PICU and slowly but surely recovering in a regular room. She went in for a baseline MRI today to set the reference point for her future MRIs. She's much more sore this time because of the drainage tube that was threaded under her skin and the cut made to secure one end of that tube into her tummy.

Monday looks like the day for another round of sedation procedures: the Hickman line for her chemo treatments and a lumbar puncture, which is another name for a spinal tap. The CSF retrieved during the puncture will be analyzed to see if any of the tumor cells have moved into her spine. If you're needing something specific for which to pray, let's pray that the CSF test comes back clean. ;)

Word is that the biopsy results are back, but the doctors haven't visited with Lacie & Jordan about them yet.

Thank you again for all of your tremendous support. Jordan and Lacie have both mentioned to me several times how amazed they are that so many people are willing to care, willing to be in this with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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