Thursday, February 15, 2007


Seventeen months old.
Two brain surgeries in 13 days.

Kyrie is recovering again today in PICU at Wesley hospital in Wichita. Yesterday afternoon, Lacie and Jordan took her back in due to weakness and semi-responsiveness. She'd been vomiting consistently for three or four days, so when she got to the ER, getting an IV in her was difficult. The nurses tried both arms, both legs and each time they'd find a vein, it would collapse due to her low blood pressure. They went for a PICC line instead, a peripherally inserted central catheter inserted in a peripheral vein, and then pushed through increasingly larger veins, toward the heart, using ultrasound and fluoroscopy to guide insertion and to confirm placement. Kyrie was so dispondent that she didn't even flinch.

After another CT scan, Kyrie went in for surgery late yesterday afternoon with her neurosurgeon to insert a ventricular shunt,a tube that is surgically placed in one of the fluid-filled chambers inside the brain. The self-produced fluid around the brain and the spinal column is called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). It seemed her brain was producing the CSF, but not reabsorbing it perhaps as a result from tumor or surgical scarring, which caused excess pressure. So, now there is a tube where one end is in her brain, and it runs out of the skull, under her scalp, down her neck, through her chest and empties into the abdomen. Jordan says that this is permanent, and as she grows (she's nearly three feet tall now), she will need more of these shunt surgeries to lengthen the tube.

[big sigh.]

She now has two incisions on the back of her scalp. Warning: the following photo may be alarming for some of you to see.

This is the incision from her first surgery. There is now ANOTHER incision on the other side, about half as long. She's back on steroids and morphine. Most likely, they will be in the hospital for another week to 10 days. While there, she'll also have the Hickman line put in (probably Monday) and possibly start treatments after that. Still waiting for the pathology report.


ksfaith said...

Jordan, Lacie and Kyrie,

My name is Kristi Swob. My brother-in-law, Rod Lampe, is a cousin to Jordan I believe. To you I am a stranger, but as I've been let into your lives this last week via e-mails being passed on and Megan's blog my heart is heavy for you all. I have a 12 month old daughter so I know how precious Kyrie's life is to you, and to see her so fragile must be absolutely one of the most difficult things you've ever faced. I cannot imagine!! I just needed to let you know how often you've been in my thoughts and in the prayers of my husband, Dave, and myself. We are praying first and foremost for Kyrie's healing and recovery, for her to regain strength and for you guys to have MUCH more time with her. Dave and I are also praying that you realize God's sufficiency through this trial and most importantly that God's abundant love is surrounding you. May you, Kryie and the rest of your family feel His arms wrapped around you!! I hope it comforts you somewhat to know there are MANY, MANY people praying for Kyrie and your family who you don't even know.

"So do not fear, for I am with you:
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

In Christ's love,
Kristi Swob

humblepie said...

Hi, Kristi! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. SO true.