Saturday, February 24, 2007

Almost good news.

This first day and night of chemo were rough. Out of a sound sleep Wednesday night, Kyrie became explosively ill, both top and bottom. Thursday was a little better, but still lots of vomiting. Yesterday, she wanted to sit in her new Bumbo, a special booster-seat-like chair that helps infants learn how to sit up. Last night was better than the night before, very restless but no vomiting. This round of chemo was heavy duty; now we just wait to see if it's holding the tumors at bay.

This morning she was hungry, which I think is fantastic! The doctors say that she cannot have any leftovers or any food that is more than an hour old. After an hour, bacteria begins breaking down food, and those bacteria aren't our friends right now. Another new pathogen factor is the hospital's pediatric floor itself. Currently, the majority of the patients on Kyrie's floor are there due to respiratory infections. Not good. The nurses are wearing masks when they come in Kyrie's room. The doctors say that she will be much safer at home, which could mean that Lacie, Kyrie and Jordan MIGHT be able to go home tomorrow, although they'll nearly have to hold their breaths to get outta the building.

Feels like we'll all be holding our collective breath to see if this chemo works. Please, please, please, Lord, please allow this chemo to work.


Debbie Baker said...

We've been thanking God that Kyrie only vomitted 3 times. Isn't that correct? That's what I've shared with many. When I saw the word "explosively ill", in your last update, I thought maybe I was sending out wrong imformation. I thought actually she had done really well, considering all that could have happened. I love this family so much and I'm praying for God's very best for them always.

humblepie said...

According to the nurse who came into her room, that initial episode was her first "blow-out." It was pretty harsh, but that was the worst of of this round. I'm not sure the number of times she was sick, but Jordan did say that her first stretch at home (before the fluid-draining shunt) was worse than this first post-chemo phase. Let's hope she'll endure the next round even better!

Thanks, Debbie, for all your prayers!