Monday, February 26, 2007

"Home again, home again, ..."

They made it home! Kyrie, Lacie and Jordan left the hospital yesterday and arrived home around 3 p.m. Aaah, sweet comfort and relief. Jordan said that Kyrie wasn't eating well at the hopsital and that as soon as they got home, she pointed to the pantry and said, "num-num." Two rounds of baby food later, they could all tell that she was relieved to be home. And they're set with a ton of antiseptic cleansing foam, Purell dispensers and a box of face masks at the door.

Sometime today she'll have an appointment to meet with her oncologist. This week, "Doctor Daddy & Doctor Mommy" will administer injections into her leg to build her white blood cell count.

New pictures to come soon!


Debbie Baker said...

So excited you are all home! It was great to talk to Lacie on the phone today and I could tell by her voice how happy and relieved they all are to be home and that Kyrie is doing so well. In this journey, God will provided what you need to get through it each day. I totally believe that Kyrie is one healed little girl!
We don't know when we will see it completed but I do believe it will happen!! I love you all. Keep the faith!

Jamey said...

Lacie & Jordan,
we are so glad you three are home again! I am confident that will help Kyrie's healing as well as make you two more comfortable & more like yourselves. I will not be visiting as often, but want you to know how much we think about and pray for you daily. God is so good! He is in control & I KNOW that He can take all those cancer cells right out of her precious little body!! and that is what we are believing. In the meantime kiss her for me, and know how much God loves you! Love, jo

Anita said...

We, including our life-group, were so glad you were home. There is nothing more comforting than a place you call your own. I truly believe God will continue to heal Kyrie and the process will be even faster, now that she is home. Know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE in Christ; ALL THINGS!!! This statment, more than any other, is one I draw from every day. We love so much and more importantly GOD most certaintly does. With my love, Anita.