Monday, February 5, 2007

Thank you.

I wish you could comprehend exactly how much your thoughts, prayers, support and comfort have meant to our family over the last week. Our cups runneth over with appreciation. And I credit you, our dearest friends & family, and God with last Friday's surgical success. Kyrie made it, and frankly, I can't bear to imagine any other outcome.

Now begins what could be a long and winding road, one that, with your continued thoughts and prayers, could end up joyful. How cool would it be if we could all look back on this, shake our heads and think to ourselves, "Thank you, God, for getting us through that."?

I'm just an aunt, an aunt with a computer, and I figured that we might as well make all this e-technology useful by keeping everyone updated on Kyrie's progress. As I see it, this is OUR progress. Most likely, this blog will become an inadvertant study of the power of prayer. I want you to clearly know what your thoughts and prayers are doing. There can be very real results from quiet pleas and whisperings that may seem like lost vapor.

Long after the newness of the situation has worn thin, she'll still need you. A year from now, two years from now--we don't know--she'll still need you. And who knows? Maybe she'll grow up to be the OB nurse that delivers your great-grandchild or a member of the prize-winning research team that discovers a cure for pediatric brain ailments. Maybe she'll grow up to be the mother of more kind and helpful people, just like you.

Again, thank you. Please feel free to leave comments. (Totally free. You'll have to register with Google so they can track you down if you leave icky messages. Just your e-mail address and a password.) I'll try to update as often as I can, at least once a week, perhaps more. Biopsy results should be in today or tomorrow.

Here are some photos of the past week:

Daddy, Mommy & Kyrie the day before surgery.

Kyrie & Nana Jan riding in the wagon on the Peds floor.

Mommy & Kyrie coloring.

Taking a rest.

Post-crainiotomy in Wesley's PICU.



Chad E. said...

Kyrie, you're one day closer to performing your 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' song for us all! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom and dad, daily.

Love Always,

Uncle Chad

Melissa said...

Little Miss Kyrie. So many people are praying for you right now. People that you may never know are loving you and asking God to make you well again. You are ALL loved and in my thoughts and prayers. Let God lift you up in His great big arms and carry you through this time. Please let me know via Megan if there is ANYTHING I can do for you...until then, I'll just keep praying!
Much love,
Melissa (Danny, Madison & Mason too)