Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One more thing.

In times of medical trouble, well-meaning people can accidentally deliver inaccurate information. With hope, this site may alleviate that. I'm not a medical professional nor do I proffer to be, but I will post accurate information. Now, information may change, so please check back periodically, if you're looking for the most current assessment.


Debbie Baker said...

Thank you so much for creating a site for Kyrie. Our Ladies Bible Study has been praying for Kyrie and family and it's so great to send them to a site with pics and updates. We are anticipating continued great victories for Kyrie!
We believe God to remove the rest of the tumor. Our constant prayers and fasting are with Kyrie, Jordan & Lacie and families.

With much love & faith,
Debbie Baker
Family Church

Jordan said...

Words can never express how Lacie and I feel about the Overwhelming display of Love and support. Thanks again, WE have made the first step on this long journey to recovery. WE will get Kyrie through this.

Graciously yours,
The Thome Family