Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Who knew that we could celebrate Thanksgiving on Ash Wednesday?

With just one week into Fringe Salon's fundraiser for Lacie & Jordan, we have much for which to be thankful. Thanks to your generosity, the giftbasket raffle (I hear that the giftbasket is really swanky!) has raised just over $1,000. Hooray! And we still have three more weeks to go!

This fundraiser really means a lot. Earlier this month, when Kyrie was in the hospital the first time, after just a week, the hospital's billing department called to say that the Thome family had already met its deductible and were wanting some exhibit of payment. As God would have it, a good samaritan visited Kyrie that day—it was the first time that person have ever met Kyrie—and handed Jordan & Lacie $200. Jordan gave it to the hospital straightaway. Can you believe that? I love it when God makes His goodness obvious.

And guess who learned two new words this week? Kyrie said "girl" for Mommy and "boy" for Daddy. Wa-hoo!

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