Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hospital Photos

Here are photos from last week in the hospital. Kyrie's left eye isn't tracking well with her right one, and that could be a result of swelling or the tumor. You can tell that Kyrie isn't keen on her hospital stay, but Jordan & Lacie say that her spirits and appetite have greatly improved since returning home. Wa-hoo!

Daddy, Kyrie & Mommy.

Mommy, Nana, Kyrie & Daddy.

Sleeping like a lamb.

Kyrie coloring with markers for Mommy.

Mommy & Kyrie.


Debbie Baker said...

Such great pics of all of you!!! Looking forward to more great news for Kyrie. Love you guys,
Boone & Debbie

Jamey said...

we love seeing all the great pictures!! keep 'em coming. And keep all the good news coming! We are praying for Kyrie to keep having good days!! Love you!!

... and thanks to you Megan for your continued hard work to keep the site updated!... Jo

Christi said...

She is so beautiful. She loves her mommy and daddy very much.