Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get to know the artists, #2.

More Metamorphosis 2008 artists!

Shawna Carpenter Stobaugh
As an illustration & graphic design artist in Kansas City, Shawna has a wonderfully warm and welcoming quality to her child-friendly artwork. You can check out her other prints on her Etsy site, too.

Shawna has donated two sets of her adorable artwork for you to see on November 6.

Jim Wehtje
From his bio: I was born in 1968—a great year for our country—and named after James Madison. I grew up in Massachusetts, endlessly building treehouses or with Legos or with snow ... X-ray photography became my specialty. I was the first to market with non-medical radiographs through a major stock company ... this lead to domestic and international assignments.

Did you catch that? Jim is a radiographer. He makes his art with an X-ray machine. Who knew? Residing in Rochester, NY, Jim has kindly donated three radiographs: a beautiful tulip row, a collection of shells and an allium.

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Chad said...

Seeing some of the work of these incredible artists makes me want to put in a bid right now on something! We can't wait to hold this event and meet everyone who attends. A heartfelt thanks in advance for your support.