Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get to know the artists, #3

One of Kansas City's most recent, well-known artists is the ever-present John Ferry. John received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Best known for his angular depictions of urban landscapes like Kansas City, New York City and even Wrigley Field, John's use of architectural contrast coupled with one of his styles of piling oil paint into textural froths on the canvas makes what could seem cold & simply geometric into something hypnotically inviting.

We know how very lucky we are to have his contribution for Metamorphosis. We hope whoever leaves with his piece knows that, too.

Nearing the opposite end of the spectrum, we present to you artist Brenda Walton.

From her site: For two years, I worked and traveled throughout New Zealand, my mother’s homeland. I learned to truly appreciate the beauty of nature in the awe-inspiring environment that surrounded me. The exotic tropical flowers and fruits were a great source of delight, and became the subject of my drawings and paintings. I experimented with new forms of artistic expression, which reaffirmed my belief that art would always be part of my life.

While traveling in New Zealand, I discovered my love of calligraphy. It all began with a gift from a dear friend – a two-dollar instructional book on hand-lettering, a broad-edged pen and a bottle of ink. I quickly became intrigued by the art of calligraphy and began filling my journals with decorative words and images.

From her studio in Sacremento, Calif., Brenda currently creates art for commerce in the forms of letterpress cards, craft materials and partyware. She has a truly exquisite style, and for us, she has generously contributed one of her charming calligraphic compositions of perhaps her favorite place in the world: Paris.

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