Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for all of our new friends that have made the art+gift auction possible. It is through their benevolence that we can do what we do.

Studio 2131 was the very first to sign on to make this event happen. The space is gorgeously comfortable; stylish without being stuffy. And it's located in the up & coming Kansas City arts area known as the Crossroads District. Not a day has gone by when we don't remind ourselves how incredibly blessed we are to have their support.

Softee. Four friends. Loads of talent. Self described "low-fi girly indie pop." Yep, these ladies of lo-fi are rockin' the city scene. We are so pumped to have them with us on November 6! And see that art up there? That's their newest CD, available at Streetside Records in Westport!

La Bodega is THE spot in K.C. if you want a phenomenal array of Spanish tapas or "small plates." From their site: Tapas represents the Spanish custom of placing a piece of bread over the glass of wine. It is a custom that dates back past the 1500's. Traditionally, the exact food served is less important than the social occasion. Tapas is a way of life. It signifies leisure, camaraderie and good humor. In Spain, Tapas are almost always accompanied by wine. They are so much about talking as they are about eating and drinking. The wine is the medium that hold the conversation, with friends and the food together. You make time to enjoy the moment in an unhurried way.

D'Bronx is a hands down, the best New-York-style deli right here in K.C. Slices of 'za so big you have to fold 'em. And the shrimp bisque? So good you'll slurp. When I lived in Midtown, this was a fave for lunch and weekend people watching.

Room 39 epitomizes the local food movement, which I heartily applaud. The fewer miles your food has to travel, the more deliciously fresh & nutritious is it. From their site: Focusing on seasonal, fresh and locally grown ingredients, Room 39 is the premiere location in Kansas City for seasonal American food. We are proud to support local agriculture. Love that.

The Foundry at McCoy's is "home of the half-pound, Velveeta-stuffed, juicy-Lucy hamburger." Quite a feat, no? Not only that, they pride themselves on knowing and serving the best liquid wheat around, like lagers, pale ales, ambers, the Belgians, porters, stouts and much more. We thank them greatly for donating a bit of adult libation to the art auction festivities.

Sunset Grill.
Who would have thought a piece of the Caribbean was in Overland Park? 'Tis true. Sunset Grill hosts great wine tastings--even rum tastings--and offers free Texas Hold'em poker at 8:00 PM every Monday. And if you want to sample their really, really, really, really fantastic artichoke & jalapeno dip, come hang with us at the auction. ;)

Heard of Magnolia Bakery in NYC? How 'bout Sprinkles on the west coast? Well, make way because there's a new cupcake in town.
Sweet City Cupcakes
are made with local & organic ingredients, making them even more delish. And they're by delivery only right now, which means, you get cupcakes delivered to your door. A dream come true for me. Not only that ... they also support Cupcakes for a Cause, a national fundraising event Oct. 20-26 sponsored by local bakeries who sell cupcakes to earn funds for CancerCare for Kids program, which provides free support services to children affected by cancer and their families. We LOVE Sweet City Cupcakes for their baking expertise, but we love them more for their heart. Come bid with us on November 6 and taste 'em for yourself!

Thomas creates a beautifully cozy atmosphere on 39th Street in Midtown Kansas City to enjoy a great glass of wine. And every Tuesday through Saturday, they have live music to go with your oyster mushroom bruschetta. One of the best date night spots around.

Our Price Chopper market in Lee's Summit, Mo., has graciously provided soft drinks for the auction. Not only are we thankful for their contribution, but we also appreciate the fact that Price Chopper stores are locally owned, and there is ALWAYS some sort of community event that they are supporting, be it emergency medical assistance to Kansas City families or the Dream Factory or labels for school funding. They are our Do Good market here in the metro, and we are so thankful for that.

What are you thankful for today?

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