Monday, October 27, 2008

Get to know the artists, #5.

Just a week & a half to go! And next up are two wonderfully talented sets of eyes.

One look at Sheri Berry Designs, and you'll be enchanted by Sheri Seibold's lively ability to make that which is old altogether new again.

From her site: Sheri works from her studio in a 1937 cottage in a small town near downtown Kansas City, surrounded by collections of vintage textiles, cards, pins, plates, and other artifacts that delight and inspire her. For Sheri and her family, “retro” is not a style applied to newly manufactured items, but a way of life filled with old furniture, bedding, kitchenware, and art that have been lost, found, and pressed into joyful service again.

For us, she has donated select pieces of her own collage art created with one-of-kind, vintage ephemera pieces. Superbly darling. If that weren't enough, her highly artistic ingenue daughter, Shelby, has also contributed a piece that is equally charming.

We pleased to include two contributions from Robert Mizono.

From his site: Born & raised in San Francisco, California, Robert studied art & design at the Univerity of California at Berkley and City College of San Francisco where his love affair with the camera began.

Robert has also traveled the world extensively on behalf of his clients, like Coca Cola, Federal Express, LL Bean and Nike.

As an avid fly fisherman, it's easy to see Robert's uncanny eye for the unguarded moments in natural environments. One part voyeur, one part participant, both vantage points beautifully coexist in his work.

More generous thanks to these two contributors for being part of something good.

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