Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for good business, meaning helpful business, community-conscious business, generous business, people business. With all of the planning for the events this season, we have become keenly aware of those kinds of people who run businesses that have helped us do what we've needed to do. Without them, we'd be nada.

So for Metamorphosis 2008, we have a slew of generous people who have donated gift items on behalf of their companies, just like:

New Letters on the Air
Curious Sofa
Gold n Designs
Trezo Mare
Johnny's Tavern
Brookside Avenues Bistro
Hollydays Aesthetics
Kansas City Steak Company
Kansas City Royals
Riffels Coffee Company
Dirty Laundry
Pophearts/Catfish & Tater
Best Buy
Sopra Salon & Spa
Cockrell Mercantile
Nell Hill's
Sandy Braun Photography
PS Sweets
Tastefully Simple
Lia Sophia
Fairfield Inn
Pamela's Interior Design
M. Culture
Paradise Park
Capital Grille

These are businesses that I will favor over others in their neighborhoods or in their categories. These are the places where I feel like my money is valued, where I can be more than just a dollar sign, where I become a bona fide patron.

What are you thankful for today?

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