Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrappin' good time!

So, of all days to forget the camera.

While I wait & beg for those who did not forget their cameras on the day of the big crop to send photos (please!), we'll share some of the highlights.

First off, a big thank you to Family Church for allowing us to use their facilities. Everything was clean, fun & easy to navigate. Even the bathrooms were great! Another big thank you goes to our dedicated volunteers. Whether it was moving those incredibly heavy tables, prepping the meals or working at registration, the event couldn't have happened without you.

One of our big priorities was to make sure that we took care of our guests as well as we could. We are in the cancer-curing business not the scrapbooking business, so we tried to be as thoughtful as possible, (without really being experts on the needs of scrappers). We wanted this to be a place where you could come relax, be a little pampered, focus on your projects, have some fun and maybe get a prize. And from the resounding approval from our croppers, I think we might have achieved that.

For me, it was fantastic to see all these women--the mothers and grandmothers, sisters, daughters, the nurturers and caregivers, the cooks and nurses, the ones who pull life together for their families and add verve to their friendships--spend a couple moments doing something that makes them happy. We loved provided them a lunch & a dinner that they didn't have to prepare. We loved offering the opportunity to get a massage or a pedicure without having to rush to pick someone up or drop something off. Several times, I saw women singing along with the music or sharing a laugh with their neighbor. Two friends who had been scrapping for hours at different tables discovered each other half way through the day! We love that.

What's really amazing is that the hobby that these women have ends up being created, once again, for their families. Their creative expression becomes treasured heirlooms. Incredible, isn't it?

We were happy to bring you the wonderful wares from The Angel Company, ScrapFunAttic, Uppercase Living, Close to My Heart and Scentsy candles and even happier that those vendors agreed to be there with us. Thank you!

The luncheon deli sandwiches were a fresh, simple way to keep up the creative energy and that luscious lasagna for dinner--mmmm, magnifique! Anyone want to post a comment about those heavenly cookies homemade by Kyrie's great nana Norma? Oh my goodness. She could put that Otis Spunkenmeyer right outta business!

And before this event had ended, we had already heard from many of you asking about the next one! Wow! So ... we're planning the 2009 Kyrie Foundation Krop for the early spring. We thank each and every one of you who attended; your presence helped us get that much closer to finding a cure for our children.

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Chaney said...

Let me say, I had such a great time, and I'm not even a seasoned scrapper! Everything was so wonderful...from the prizes to the food to the atmosphere. And yes, the cookies were HEAVENLY! To say the least. I had more than my share! I learned so much about scapping and even managed to COMPLETE a card AND go to a class. And visit with great people! What a day! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this event and look forward to the next Krop...and the next Kyrie event! So amazing. Go Kyrie Go!