Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 reminders.

One. If you have a little donation to give the Easter Bunny & Eggbert, they would really like it by Friday, March 26. This allows our very generous springtime duo to sort, organize and purchase any missing items for their trip scheduled on the following Friday, Good Friday, April 2.

You have no idea how cosmically, divinely delighted I am to see this much good being done on Good Friday. Fantastic, isn't it?

Two. Please pray for Kate McRae today. She's going in for a very important MRI, the MRI that will let us all know if the incredible procedures and the chemo plan have done anything to heal her. Remember, she is battling the same aggressive tumor that Kyrie fought. We really need this protocol to work, to show some sign of positive achievement in her little body. We know how physically sickening it is to wait and wonder and hope and wish and pray for some good news, some progress.

An excerpt from her CaringBridge site written by Kate's mother:

I tried writing and it won't come. So we simply ask for your prayers tonight and tomorrow as Kate goes in for her MRI and we await the results. Our hearts are very burdened tonight. We so desperately want to see our sweet Kate grow up. Please be praying for amazing results. Please also be praying for our protection for our hearts and minds as a million thoughts and emotions try to weave their way in. Thank you for your continued prayers during this difficult season of life.

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