Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on Edouard

From Jill:

Here is the most recent email from my brother in law. Keep in mind that he is French, therefore sometimes uses broken English. 

Bad news. Test results came out today.
Edouard tumor is cancerous. Which means he gonna need chemo treatement for the next 2 months minimum before they can operate. Plus 4 months after that for precautionay measure.
Monster blow after he walk and talk fine for the first time yesterday.

Please remember this little guy in your prayers. He and his family are embarking on a journey familiar to us here. Jordan & Lacie have traveled this road. Kate McRae's family, too. Anna's family. Ethan's family. Taya's family. This family, too, will need to meet people like you to help get them through this. I've often said that we would not be where we are today with you--I mean you, there, reading, right now. You matter. Your prayers matter.

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