Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Bunny needs your help!

Three months zooms by so fast, doesn't it? Three months ago, Frosty and Elf Rita were packing their sleigh full of toys and surprises for their Christmas visit to Wesley Hospital. And what a joyful visit it was, plus the local news came along to capture the value of this visit for all to see.

Now, with the spirit of the giving season behind us, Easter Bunny & Eggbert are hoping we can tap into that holiday generosity to make their Easter visit possible, too. For those of you new to the blog, this is how Easter Bunny's first visit started. Since 2007, she & Eggbert have been bringing baskets of cheer to an otherwise anxiety-filled place, a place where children are frustrated and parents try to hide their anguish. You wouldn't believe how much a sheet of stickers or a $10 gift card can do!

From Easter Bunny:

Dear Friends & Family,
Just 1 month from today…
Good Friday - April 2, 2010
"Easter Bunny" & "Eggbert"
will hop over to the
Wesley Pediatric & PICU Floor
to deliver Easter cheer, Bunny hugs, and lots of GOODIES
to the children that are stuck in the hospital over
the Easter Weekend!
This will be our 4th year for the
Kyrie Easter Trip to Wesley Hospital!!
"Frosty" & "Rita the Elf" had INCREDIBLE support
for our Annual Kyrie Christmas Trip…WOW!
But…this is 3+ months later and there will be a
whole new batch of kids that will be
oh-so-appreciative of the treats we bring them.
IF you are interested in helping,
we will gladly accept the following donations:
          CASH - New Toys - Games - Books - Craft Kits - Puzzles -
        Crayons - Markers - Dolls - PlayDough - Items for Teens -
        $10.00 McDonalds Gift Cards - $10.00 Spangles Gift Cards
We will need all donations by:  03/26/2010
  Susan Jae Eckel
  3738 S. Dugan
  Wichita, KS  67215
As always…you truly have no idea how much your help is appreciated!
We could not do this without all of YOUR contributions!!
On Good Friday a little angel will be looking down on all of us, chanting…
     Go Kyrie, Go!  Go Kyrie, Go!!
Happy Easter!
Susan Jae & Rita
(E.B. & Eggbert)

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