Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A big, warm, thankful hug to all of you who were able to tune in to see our little 3-minute blip on KAKE's midday news show. It's a very difficult to task to succinctly say all that this foundation means, all that we are doing in 180 seconds.

Lacie & I were both a bit nervous, not because of the television cameras, but because we wanted to get it right. It is a constant struggle to build and grow and get the word out amidst a billiongajillion distractions in our lives. With every three minutes like this, we have the opportunity to engage someone, to connect, to inspire, to encourage. We never know when or why or who may decide to walk alongside us to help make a difference. This could be one of those divine connections.

Originally, our friend Brittany had put us in contact with Jemelle Holopirek as a way to help promote the scrapbooking fundraiser in two weeks. However, since nearly full up for the krop (thank you!!!!), we had the opportunity to simply talk about how we started and what's around the corner.

Though we supplied and anticipated the photos of Kyrie that ran under Lacie's answers to Mike Iuen, the images struck us anew. I view these photos nearly every day, but somehow seeing Kyrie's face on the screen, knowing that people would see her face for the very first time, images that I see on the insides of my eyelids every night, knowing that these are all the photos that we'll every have no matter how many times KAKE invites us back, well, it brought newness to old feelings. For a moment, I could have sworn she was here again. Saying and broadcasting her name, an utterance that seemed like a mid-air raindrop quickly seeking for its earthly home, made her here again. Maybe it's just my feelings playing tricks on my mind. Maybe it's just this time of year. Maybe it's just the pink tulips that have sprouted in her garden. Everything, her memory, what we're doing to save these children, shows up on the page in technicolor vibrancy right now for me.

And this happens to coincide with the making of another new angel. Four-year-old Sicily Zeka has been in my prayers for quite awhile after learning of her battle with kidney cancer. She arrived in heaven this weekend, and although I am crushed to learn that this, again, was God's will, I am inspired by the way her family accompanied her in this passing. Please read her mother's entry today. It so reminds me of another mommy & daddy we know here.

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Lacie said...

Wow, reading that brought back so many memories. Sounds almost like I was reading my own life story. So happy Kerry too got to hold her little angel when she went to heaven. My heart breaks for them...prayers are definitely being sent for this family today. Sounds like Kerry has a very beautiful outlook on everything. God bless them and their other children!!!