Friday, March 19, 2010

If you're out this weekend ...

If you're out shopping this weekend or if you happen to be paying bills, it sure would be nice to consider sending something to the Easter Bunny & Eggbert.

I have a little sumpin' to put in the post barring the blizzard that is purportedly on its way. Maybe you have a restaurant gift card that you know you won't use or maybe there's a new pack of markers in the closet waiting for your child who already has a set open. It all makes a difference when it's put to use like this.

And ... remember our dear sister organization in Holland, Michigan, Kyrie's Gift? The mission of Kyrie's Gift is to deliver coloring books and crayons to bring some amount of joy and normalcy to children in hospitals. Marjorie, the founder and all-round nice person extraordinaire, was inspired by the photo of Kyrie and Lacie coloring on the hospital floor in our very first post here on Kyrie's blog. Kyrie's Gift has done spreading goodness through this effort. And now ... Kyrie's Gift is a part of the Easter Bunny's visit, too. They have generously given hundreds of coloring books and crayon sets. Isn't that so beautiful? I just love this divine connection.

So remember the Easter Bunny needs all donations by FRIDAY, MARCH 26.

Cash - Toys - Books - Craft kits - Games - $10.00 McDonald's gift cards - Teen items

Please send to:

Susan Jae Eckel
3738 S. Dugan
Wichita, KS 67215

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Margorie said...

so gracious. love you all.