Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on Edouard

We are discovering that many of you, indeed, said a little prayer for Edouard last Friday; he made it through an extremely extensive surgery! For that, we are immensely grateful. Moment by moment, child by child, we will find a way to beat this disease.

From Jill:

I found out today that the surgery actually took 17 hours!  They were able to remove more than 75% of the tumor, will conduct more tests, and will go back in a couple weeks later. Again thanks for posting this prayer request. We have prayers coming from all over the world including Tanzania, East Africa!  (I went on a mission trip there almost two years ago.)

17 hours. Can you, for one moment, imagine what it would be like to sit, stand, pace in that waiting room  for 17 hours? Desperately waiting for a doctor or nurse to come through the door with news? And what about hour 11? When they said it would be a 10-hour surgery, and hour 11 and hour 12 and hour 13 go by? Can you imagine the anxiety? And not just any surgery but brain surgery? Your sweet, little world terrorized by a tumor that threatens his very existence, which threatens to destroy your family?

Please continue to keep this family in your deepest thoughts and loudest prayers.

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