Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ears as the patio doors into the soul.

Eyes might be the windows, but ears have entry to the soul, too.

My friend Melissa sent me this song. Whoa. For me, it softly whispers, "go, kyrie, go," meaning I'll pick up my broken heart and keeping going forward. I'll keep going, come what may, until He says I don't have to anymore. Whatever you're battling inside or whatever you're battling outside, I hope this song finds a way to swaddle you and inch you forward.

If You Want Me To

by Ginny Owens.

p.s. Today I am thankful for vocal chords and pianos.


Maggie said...

Lacie and Jordan,
I just found out about your loss today and i am very sorry..she was a beautiful little girl and probably one of the only girls in wichita with really good fashion sense. Lacie and Jordan, you will be in my prayers, along with Kyrie and your family.

Maggie Edminster

motherof2 said...

Megan, I am anxiously awaiting that t-shirt! I keep checking today.

I dont know if you had a chance to read my email and share are probably so busy, I went ahead and wrote to Jordan and Lacie and I mailed it today. I know that this foundation is going to be an amazing tribute to Kyrie.How Exciting! I'd love to share more ideas about the coloring book ministry we have planned. Whatever part Kyrie could play, big or small, we would be honored!