Thursday, May 24, 2007

Progress Report

Just wanted you to know that we're making strides with Kyrie's foundation. Lots of details and decisions, but we're getting big things done.

• Web site domain secured.
• Commissioned pro bono mantra design.
• Ordering T-shirts as first fundraiser.
• Alliance with national brain cancer research team.
• Meeting with a lawyer next week to set up the paperwork.
• Arranging an accountant for the foundation.
• Professional artist designing logo & tagline.
• Researching secondary fundraising tactics.
• So much more!

And speaking of an update, I thought some stats about this blog might help you understand your role in this little engine that could.

To date, there have been over 23,000 visits to this site in just three and half months.

Between 10% and 20% are new visitors each day!

Visitors from all over Kansas & Missouri but Texas, Massachusetts, California, Arizona and nearly every state in between!

From Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Mexico City, Panama, Brazil, Venzuela, Argentina, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brentford, Wigan, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Denmark.

From Trier, Stuttgart and Bremerhaven, Germany. From Amsterdam and Heerenveen, Netherlands. From Beauvais and Aubervilliers, France. From Brussls, Belgium and Monaco and Austria!

From Madrid, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Milan, Torino, Bari and Bergamo, Italy; and Athens, Greece.

From Harbin and Nanchang, China; Cheonan, South Korea; Japan, Qatar, Isreal and Turkey! From Sidney, Melbouren, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, Australia! From Auckland, New Zealand!

Kyrie is bringing the whole world together! Stunning, isn't it?


Karis Morrow said...

Go Kyrie, Go Kyrie, Go Go Go Kyrie...that is so awesome! I can't wait for the details to be worked out for the foundation. I am a member of our local Curves and I know that I could put up a little display there to generate some more funds. Hugs, Karis

Erin said...

Go Kyrie...Go!

Jamey said...

Megan, we would like 6 shirts plus 2 Toddlers! I, also, love the design & everything else that being done in little Kyrie's beautiful name. she is still touching so so many lives - she has been such an awesome blessing - it touches me to the depths of my soul. I have not commented in such a long time - like everyone else- it has been so hard. I still cry daily as I pray for Lacie, Jordan, Jan & the rest of the families. And now I also cry for all the blessings that are happening because of Kyrie. God is so amazing! His love is so evident to me - even in people I don't even know. Again, thank you Megan for all that you do (you too, Chad). I can't wait to wear the T-shirt!!! We would also be willing to buy Kryie bracelets if that comes up. And please let us know how & when we can help with the foundation. Lacie, Jordan, Jan, we love you so much.

Leah Rundle said...

Wow!!! That is just awesome!! I had no idea that this site was world wide!!