Thursday, May 31, 2007

Even Mozart knew her. Sort of.

I've written about the liturgical significance of Kyrie's name (kyrie eleison), and millions throughout the Christian ages would recognize her name as such. Even famous people. Even very historically famous people.

Take a peek at this:

Can you see what's written at the top center?


And can you make out who wrote it in the upper right-hand corner?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! In March of 1779. Cool, huh?

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Leah Rundle said...

Ahh!! Sooo Cool!!
I loved the name Kyrie from the moment I heard that was what Lacie and Jordan picked to name their new daughter. I had no idea where they got the name or the significance behind it.
I just knew it was beautiful and creative, different from traditional names. I remember thinking, 'that is awesome, I wish I could think of unique names like that', but I had to ask how to spell it!! :)
Now looking back, the name could not have been more perfect for their beautiful little girl. And now everything she will become...