Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This little light of mine ...

Officially, we're into our second month post-Kyrie. In some ways, it feels much longer, like childhood time, when a day feels like forever. And in other ways, it feels like yesterday that she pointed to the pantry for "num-num."

[big sigh.]

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of a friend, Jordan & Lacie spent a long weekend out of town. It's so good for broken-hearted parents to heal together, just the two of them, for a little while anyway. In the same breath, though, they've been so grateful for all of the company and calls and cards and comments. Kudos to you all for making the vague term "support" actually mean something.

Last Friday, after a string of dreary days, the sun came out in time for my long commute home. Windows down, iPod on, that 80s hit, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" sang through my ears, and I thought of our girl. She would have loved that song. So happy, so fun. She was just getting the hang of dancing. Tears streamed, but for the first time, I was crying and smiling thinking about Kyrie.

My giant Permasmile came from knowing that we're doing good stuff with her and what she represents in mind, which means this is working! She's working! You're working! A cousin of mine told me Friday night that it's like tiny pin lights of good all over the country beaming up toward heaven. I like that.

Who knew that twinkling stars could shine from Earth instead of from the sky?

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MelissaR said...

As I read here every day, I have had a new realization. I sometimes (ok a LOT of times) forget to be thankful for the life I have. For the life we all have. I think about other people in other countries with SO little. We, as Americans, have SO much. Kyrie made me realize that. That's the POK (Power Of Kyrie)! And that's just the beginning. With the tornado that hit Greensburg, a town I've driven through thousands of times, I'm thankful that most of the people survived and so sorry for the people and their families that didn't make it. I think they're all up there playing and laughing with Kyrie--that's the POK!