Sunday, May 6, 2007


I shrieked out loud reading your comments! Incredible! Yes! We would love any and all help that any of you may have to offer. We're newbies at this.

And great minds think alike, Erin! I'm working on some designs for t-shirts, etc. and maybe even a stamp or stickers (to put on envelopes and what-not) that will let the world know--in a small way--that you're doing something good and that doing good matters.

The coloring books! I raced outside into the rain to tell Chad about it! A slow, giant grin stretched across his face, and I think he even welled up.

Aah. Good is so good.

And over the weekend, I made my card to send Shane. Hope he likes it.


Erin said...

what about those rubber bracelets ... they could have "go kyrie go" imprinted on them...not sure the pricing on them, would be happy to do some exploring for you if you'd like. could be another good way to raise $$.


Leah Rundle said...

Your card is wonderful!! He will love it!
I LOVE the bracelet idea!! I would pay big $$ for one, however much they cost to make!! :) The rest can go to the non-profit organization. What a wonderful idea!

Melissa said...

Yes, bracelets...I think we could take the jewelry idea and run with it. I would personally even buy a nice beaded pink bracelet with our Go Kyrie Go! insignia on it. What a great tribute to a girly girl who loved pretty stuff! :) I have a friend who I'm sure would LOVE to come up with a Kyrie bracelet. And you can order the stretchy rubber bracelets that are printed for not a whole lot! What wonderful ideas! I'm so excited!!!

Meg, love your card. I will try to take some pics of ours before we send them! :)

Lacie and
jordan, love you both! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! :)


shelby said...

Meg - another idea for the bracelet thing is the little charm bracelets - the Italian charms ( I think) we made links for the Centenniel and I know that Catie knows the lady that owns the shop and they make custom ones all the time - we sold them for $5.00 each and made a profit (not sure how much, but will ask Catie) I would love one of those for my bracelet. If you don't know what I am talking about, I will take a picture of my bracelets and send them to you - but I think that would be a great idea. Will let you know if I come up with anything else - also I know that you are an incredibly gifted designer, but if you need any help w/ photos or anything let me know. Love you and God Bless you all. Shelby

joyce said...

Your card was great. Nice work. I made a card as well for the little guy in Canada. Nice idea! I so much enjoy reading your blog. I keep up with it regularly.
Thanks for writing. You are a talented writer. I am benefiting from the blog.