Thursday, May 10, 2007

Family Ties.

Kyrie's Aunt Manda & Uncle Ryan are somewhere near Hays, Kansas right now with their two dogs and two vehicles packed with stuff. Today they are moving from mountainous Colorado Springs to soggy Kansas City, a plan put into motion by Kyrie herself.

Being a lead-footed, eight-hour drive away has meant compromising around the holidays and missing out on good, ol' Thome fun. And then there's the not-so-fun stuff, which is, frankly, even more important. When we were all in the hospital waiting room during Kyrie's first surgery, Aunt Manda was booking an emergency flight into Wichita. That day, gravity started pulling a branch of the family tree closer to home.

It was also during Kyrie's first stay in the hospital that Manda & I hatched a little plan to donate our hair. Manda's is shoulder length, which means growth would take awhile, but as soon as she got back home, she started taking prenatal vitamins to make her hair grow faster. I started deep conditioning mine.

Locks of Love only needs 10 inches, while Wigs for Kids needs 12. The good thing is that even if these organizations can't use the hair for their own purposes, they can sell it, which still helps their cause. Anyone done this before? Have a recommendation?

I've lost count of how many people have said, "I wish I had your hair!" My grandmothers, my friends who smelled like permanent solution, my coworkers, men in the aisles of Wal-Mart, women on planes, the balding, the braided, old, young, children even—they've all said this to me. My 'do is naturally curly, and as curls go, I think they're kinda nice, too, though I've just recently come to this decision. Junior high was a frizzy nightmare. I got this hair from my dad. Jordan got it, too, but when Jordan grew his out in 2004 (just in time for my wedding), he looked kinda like a buffalo.

So when I think about lopping off these locks in a month or two (or three, depending on Manda's vitamin intake), I feel good knowing that I wouldn't really be doing this if it weren't for a pretty little angel that we all know. And ... for all those people wishing for this hair, well, someone will finally get their wish granted.


Alli said...

My God Mother is/owns "The Wig Lady". She deals with this sort of stuff all the time. She has donated so many wig both human and artifical hair to children with cancer. She works hand in hand with Victory in the valley and many other organazations designed to help people with cancer and their familys. She can help cut your hair when the time comes, then take it to Victory for you if you would like. I have donated my hair once. Key note make sure whoever cuts your hair KNOWS what they are doing. Other wise your hair will be butchered and the donated hair will be to short. Leann Callahan is THE WIG LADY and her number is 316-945-9447. Donating your hair is an awesome experence, you may never know who the lucky person is who recieves your gift but Leann can tell you hundreds of thousands of storys of little ones and big ones how have broken down in her shop because their wig was just perfect!! This is absolutly great!!GO KYRIE GO!!
lots of love

Leah Rundle said...

This is a great idea. Megan, your quote, 'Junior high was a frizzy nightmare', perfectly describes my junior high as well!! I was cracking up when I read it!!
I also have naturally curly hair and have been growing it out for a while. When I do finally decide to cut it I will plan on sending it to locks of love.
But, I heard that it can never have been colored... Is that true?? I think this hair has been colored once...

humblepie said...

Thanks, Alli! Yeah, I'd really like for an expert to wield the scissors. No need for me to walk around poor excuse for an afro. Thanks for her number--keeping it around for when the big day arrives.

Leah, I think you may be right about coloring. On their Web site, they have their list of qualifications. Even so, they might be able to sell it and still get a monetary contribution for it. Many times it's little kids who help other little kids by donating hair. How cool is that?

I'll be sure to take and share pix when the time comes!

motherof2 said...

A Mother's Day tribute to Lacie:

Lacie, as i wake up today and face this day my thoughts are consumed by you. You, who in the face of a mother's greatest fear has shown the most tremendous amount of courage, grace, and beauty that I have ever seen or could ever hope to aspire to. You have been a shining example of what great motherhood is all about. You hold your head up high today, you are truly my inspiration of what a great mother is! Through the pictures, the stories, and the words that Megan has said you have inspired me from day one! So as i head to church this morning to be honored and to honor those women of integrity that surround me, my heart is honoring you! Kyrie is blessed to have you as a mother and your future children will surely rise up and call you blessed. Love always, Motherof2