Monday, May 21, 2007


After a long day of waiting ...

I think makes for a great t-shirt. Full of heart, eh? Packed with abundant symbolism, too. According to Rhonna:

The heart is for her family & friends' love.
The wings are for her mother's love.
The crown is for Kyrie's presence.
The flowers are for her dadda's pink flower garden.
The banner is in her remembrance.
The swirls are for our action, goodness & research.

Sweet & perfect. Thank you, Rhonna!


Karis Morrow said...

juneWOW...I wondered if the design would be on the back with a little something on the front breast about PNET awareness or if the design would be on the front of the shirt. I also checked out Rhonna's website. I am a scrapper who only has one little boy and I sometimes feel like I am doing the same things over and over again. There were some really great ideas on her site. Back to the T-shirt...definitely count me in for one.
Hugs, Karis

Maureen Eickholt said...


Looks awesome. I cant wait to have mine to wear.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Ella and Ava are ready to meet their extended family.


Erin said...

Splendid, I just love it and can't wait to hear about purchase details!!!

Erin Allen said...

you know Relay for Life would be a great place to have a T-shirt stand. I am still all for window clings, little girls purses/totes, etc. I would love to run a stand at our Maryville Relay for Life this fall and sell the T-shirts and pass on Kyrie's story and raise funds for your foundation. Let me know, I could probably weasle some extra heflin's into helping. Let me know what you think......later,
can't wait to see you next month!

Melissa said...

It is completely, beautifully perfect! The symbolism is just beyond words. I can't wait to get my shirt!!!! Thank you so much!
This is so amazing!
YEH!!!! :)

MelissaR said...

I love it!!!

Keith & Jamie Tjaden said...

I LOVE IT!! and I can't wait to see them in person.

Keith & Jamie Tjaden

Leah Rundle said...

Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
That is just awesome!!
So perfect, and pretty!
Great job Rhonna!!!
Let me know when you need a final count for the shirts!

Asa/Kenzie said...


I know that my daughter and I would love to buy t-shirts. We would probably even buy some to give away.

Love Ya,


Beverly said...


Love the shirt. I would like to buy one. Let us know all the details.

Tina said...

Love it Love it Love it. Count me in on one. Looking for ways to "do good" and pay it forward every day.
Love Tina Harding

shelby said...

Meg - the design is awesome and checked out the website - got some great freebies on there - she is very talented. I would love a T-shirt for me and Nicole. Let me know if there is something you need help with. love and prayers to all - shelby

RobinW. said...

I just love this. I can't wait to get mine!

StephHeck said...

The design is beautiful! I would love to buy a few shirts! Please let me know the details on how I can get them! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!