Monday, May 14, 2007

Ever thought of ...

Donating an old cell phone? Yep, you can visit and find out how to donate that old-skool cellie to humanitarian staff in the field of poverty-stricken countries.

Donating old luggage? Old backpacks or dusty luggage in a closet? Visit to find out how you can donate your luggage for kids in foster to use.

Donating old prom dresses? Yes, this, too, can benefit someone else. Check out for info on donating the gowns that you'll never wear again.

Interesting how much stuff we have that could benefit others, huh? And this is just the extra, peripheral stuff, not the marrow of God's talent within you. Just think what you could do with that!

When it comes to donating, I hear plenty of people say that they have so much to give away, but they never quite make it to the Goodwill. I've been guilty of this, too, but for the last two years, I've made it a priority errand. This means every season Chad & I go through our closets and the garage looking for items that we haven't used or items we joke about, like white elephant Christmas gifts ... Do we really need an 10-inch candle shaped like a bridal gown? How about those Cliff Huxtable sweaters? A framed poster of an American eagle? I know someone somewhere is looking for one of those. It's not fair that we have it all to ourselves. ;)

So we begin bagging up items and collecting the bags in a corner of the garage. When we have four or five Hefties and maybe a dinky file cabinet or an orange, tweed, ruffled, hide-away couch to go with them, we make a run. Better yet, some organizations come and get your stuff, too! Here in K.C., Missouri Council of the Blind and Big Brothers, Big Sisters make scheduled pick-ups. Cool, huh? The orange, tweed, ruffled, hide-away couch got a chauffeured ride on the town courtesy of Mo. COB.

And not only are you helping organizations earn money, but you're freeing yourself of unnecessary stuff—the stuff that keeps you dusting or laundering or putzing instead of thinking and doing and soaring.

I'm with motherof2 in her comment on the previous post. I'm just thinking of what I can do next! Go, Kyrie, Go!

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