Sunday, September 7, 2008

Local Celeb #1 at the Twilight Walk!

You may know her as the Easter Bunny here on Kyrie's blog--the same Easter Bunny who for 22 years has been the guest of honor at Clearwater's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Or you may know her as Frosty, the Snowperson from last year's benevolent visit to Wesley Hospital--the same Frosty who since 1987 has kicked off "Christmas Begins in Clearwater" every December. Gifted in so many ways, Susan Jae Eckel will also be making a guest appearance at the Twilight Walk for all your munchkins as The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy!

Born & raised just 6 miles north of Clearwater, where she was the only child of Buster & Jacke Eckel, Susan was our next-door neighbor and even babysat little me and little Jordan! She also went to high school with Kurt Layton (Local Celeb #2 for the Twilight Walk) where they became friends and participated in the CHS Madrigals singing group together.

And she is also an expert when it comes to the Land of Oz. Just look at these Susan Jae factoids:

+has an OZ-some "Wizard of Oz" collection that first started with an Oz music box from her Grandma Milly when she was just a little girl.

+hosted "Wizard of Oz" trivia for MdCV Middle School kids in Quenemo, KS every Kansas Day for 9 years.

+went to the world's largest Oz-Fest in Chesterton,Indiana ... along with 80,000 other Oz lovers.

+has met, visited and dined with several of the original munchkins at two Oz-Fests in Liberal & Wamego, Kansas.

+had her picture taken with 5 of the original Munchkins … as herself AND in her "Dorothy" outfit. Autographs, too!

She also truly believes in the life lessons featured of the "Wizard of Oz " story. "You meet a diverse group of friends along your own personal 'yellow brick road.' These friends all fulfill different roles in your life and help you along your journey. Just always remember there's no place like home."

Me, too, Susan. ;)

Can't wait for your wee ones to meet her in a few weeks!

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