Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you A-1 Singer Sewing! Thank you Pratt Industries!

A-1 Singer Sewing & Pratt Industries have been wonderfully supportive of Kyries, Kyrie's parents and the launch of the foundation.

A-1 Singer Sewing is a fantastic spot for quilters, sewing fans and those who love embroidery (like me!). When Kyrie was going through chemo, A-1 Singer Sewing graciously provided an air purifier for Jordan & Lacie's home--a blessing when the tiniest germ was deadly. They sell tons of "notions" as those fabric-savvy people call them as well as hi-tech, digital sewing machines and those wonderful air purifiers.

Pratt Industries
was not only supportive when Jordan needed to be home with his daughter, but the workers in the Wichita plant have also been supportive and interested in the development of the foundation--especially when manly man Jordan wears his brown Kyrie t-shirt with that beautiful pink heart. Pratt Industries is a company that cares about the environment, too. They make boxes for the products that you buy from store shelves, and they make those boxes from 100% recycled post-consumer waste. Fantastic! If you visit their web site you can see how many trees that's saved as well as the saved water and landfill space saved. So good.

A-1 Singer Sewing and Pratt Industries are silver sponsors for the Twilight Walk. We thank each of you for caring about this little family from Kansas and what they will mean in the fight against cancer.

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