Saturday, September 20, 2008

A truckload of thanks.

We have a whole slew of wonderful people to thank for sponsoring the Twilight Walk! And as I've often said, business is never just business. All business is about people. With that in mind, we know that the people behind these businesses make our sponsors more than just storefronts, more than just an exchange of goods & services. These are the people and the businesses that have won my patronage. I hope, if you have a choice, that you'll choose to patron these, too.

Dr. David Rosen, Kyrie's oncologist and medical advisor through our saga.

First State Bank & Trust, the bank that hosted Kyrie's medical fund, and also the place where Chad & I took over $500-worth of change to add to that fund. The pennies were so heavy that one of the plastic bags broke outside the front door--in the rain. A very helpful and rainproof cashier came out to help us pick up the coins one by one.

Heartland Veterinary Services, the best large-animal vet around in my opinion. Perhaps the original cow whisperer.

Kanza Bank, named for the Kanza tribe that lived on the Great Plains, this family-owned bank has been in business for over 100 years.

Kruse Corporation, the premier sheet metal, HVAC, plumbing and architectural & custom sheet metal designers in the area. The best of form & function!

Lanetz Living, a wonderfully curious online store that sells vintage, out-of-print and retro sewing patterns. Fabulous with emphasis on the "fab!" part!

Mize Thriftway, the family-run grocery store in Clearwater where the donuts are perfectly glazed, and the baggers are the best.

Dr. Rosen, First State Bank & Trust, Heartland Veterinary Services, Kanza Bank, Kruse Corporation, Lanetz Living and Mize Thriftway are bronze sponsors for the Twilight Walk. We thank you for being so much more than the average business.

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Clarkers said...

Wonderful to have so much support for a great cause!