Monday, September 29, 2008


We are all still reeling, still in awe, of the magnitude and success of Saturday night. As part of the event team, from our perspective, the evening couldn't have been any more perfect. The weather made for a beautiful Kansas sunset hour, so many families came to have fun together, our volunteers were AMAZING and thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors and attendees, we exceeded our financial goal!

There are so many people to to thank, like Keri Breeding who is due to birth her third child in the next 10 days who headed our registration all night long, like Todd Pauly who was our grill master extraordinaire, like our Snack Shack crew who doled out the water like crazy, like Travis Rink who emceed the entire event, like the Friend family who donated generously on all fronts: financially, time-wise and with those homemade desserts!, like Jo Degner who womaned our super-fab silent auction, like Bill with Accent Mobile Music who donated his entire evening, like our stellar game volunteers and the massage therapists from Heritage College and Dorothy and her special friends! The sheer amount of goodness pouring from so many different sources was awesome to behold. Many more thanks to come in the following days.

We chose to create this kind of event for many reasons, like this:
So that friends could come together as family.

And this,
So that parents & kids could have fun together in a good, safe place.

And this,
So that a devoted grandpa could make sweet & perfect memories with his adoring granddaughter.

And so that Kyrie's family,

and Anna's family

know that we are one day closer to a cure for every child diagnosed with a brain tumor. The Wilkinson family was our special guest for the Twilight Walk. Their four-year-old daughter is a true fighter--she is why we're in this battle alongside her--so that she and her family get to have a full lifetime of moments & memories.

We'll post more great photos soon! Until then, know that you all made good happen this weekend.


Chele said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous time we had at the twilight walk Saturday night. What a tremendous way to honor Kyrie! I know my family and I felt truly blessed to be a part of it and will look forward to next year's event! Until then ...Go KYRIE GO!
In His Love,
Daniel, Chele, Chase and Grace Myears

motherof2 said...

What a tearjerker. You guys did an awesome job .