Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you Wichita BabyFare!

We had a stellar weekend as the Wichita BabyFare's charity sponsor! Over 1,000 people popped by (despite the flooding on Friday night & Saturday morning) and we made a ton of new friends.

We presented the keynote address on Saturday morning and invited Kyrie's oncologist, Dr. David Rosen, to speak on the signs of a brain tumor and the importance of research.

Terry, our Bead Queen, arrived to help! And ... we unveiled a new bracelet for the BabyFare: little expandable baby bracelets. A hot item!

Several people commented that they had heard about the Twilight Walk or they had read about the foundation in Splurge! magazine.

New volunteers also offered to help The Kyrie Foundation--much needed and ALWAYS appreciated.

We even made a new friend with the booth next to us: BabyWaves, a great place to get those amazing 3-D ultrasounds when you're expecting. Thanks for everything, Shawn!

It was great to meet so many new faces who agree that something has to be done to save these children & their families. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to meet & greet! Stay tuned--there's more great moments coming!

Speaking of staying tuned, you'll want to check back tomorrow for something kind of fun just for Kyrie blog readers!


motherof2 said...

This is so neat! Wish I was there..I am so proud of you all!!

Terrybeads said...

Jordan and Lacie, Megan and Chad, I'm sooo glad I finally got to meet all of you. I've always felt like you were family. I'm so blessed to have this orginization in my life. Thanks to Melissa for that. I love you all... Terry

Amy said...

I am so excited that people learned about the Foundation through the Splurge article!

-Amy Pracht

Melissa said...

What an amazing experience! Megan and Chad did a superb job sharing a little piece of Kyrie with the crowd. In know it was incredibly difficult, but you were perfect.
It was so much fun getting to hear comments like "we read about you in the newspaper", "we heard about you in splurge", etc. It was very touching to have people stand and listen to our story...and then return a little later wanting to give a donation. There were moments when the lump in my throat grew to an unavoidable tear...like when a concerned aunt of another little girl battling cancer told us of their struggles and wanted to join our fight!

I felt so blessed just to be there, just to be in the midst of the electricity in the air...and to be there on behalf of a sweet baby girl and her wonderful parents.

It definitely makes you look at everyday life in a different light. Maybe I'm looking through the eyes of a butterfly...

Big Love,

amynelsonmom said...

The Baby Fare was such a neat event and how GOOD of people to come out and find out what the foundation is all about. I am very excited about the Walk and cannot wait to meet all of the Kyrie Blog readers, Foundation supporters and friends. This is not just an experience for our family any longer, it is a part of us. I am sure there are many people out there that can relate. Kyrie has given us all so much to be thankful for and has left us with a responsibility to raise awareness. From foundation meetings and Tshirts to the Baby Fare and the Twilight Walk...Go Kyrie Go!

ps~Terrybeads...you are AWESOME! Your bracelets are beautiful and what a wonderful way to show how much you care. I love wearing my bracelet because it is beautiful and because it reminds me of Kyrie and all that I have to be thankful for! Thank you for blessing us with your talents.