Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for the right words coming at the right time. Don't you love that? Don't you love it when you get just what you need without even knowing that it was on its way to you?

I'm thankful for these words from Kyrie's friend, Melissa, to all of us who are fighting cancer.

We are fighting this thing with all we've got. So, that's why we ask for someone to donate, and we do it without shame. That's why we keep asking...even when we are told "no" over and over again. That's why we sit in the rain and cold with wet socks for 12 hours...just to spread the news, just so that maybe ONE person will get on board and help us fight. That's why we spend COUNTLESS hours coming up with ideas and bringing them to fruition. That's why we wear our shirts, bracelets, bumper stickers. That's why we travel miles and spend precious weekends at events. That's why we make sacrifices, willingly, joyfully, lovingly...we do it because if we don't stand up to this monster, who will? ... Know that every moment of stress, exhaustion, excitement, hope, disappointment, failure, joy, sorrow, anxiety, success...every moment gets us all one step closer. We are all a HUGE part of this beginning of the end. Someday...someday soon. We are ALL going to stand at that finish line together. I firmly believe that when we do, a sweet little angelic butterfly will be right there with us, saying, "Thank you and well done."

What are you thankful for today?

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