Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday.

Today I'm thankful for tipping points. Inner change is a funny thing, and quite frankly, somewhat of miracle, isn't it? We are creatures of habit after all, and years of same thinking or same doing without that Socratic "self analysis" can make for a pretty stubborn, stale state of being.

So what is it that brings about change? And not just change for change's sake. I mean improvement, reform, betterment. What compels you to DO something outside the normal routines? Conscience? Guilt? Joy? Satisfaction? Or could it be the idea that momentum builds in us to a point where we can't make excuses any more. We can't deny that improvement is also known as "making the world a better place," which connects us to our purpose here. I'm so thankful when something good matters to someone. I'm thankful when people get inspired and make improvements. I'm thankful for the moments when we "get it."

I'm also thankful for friends along the way that help build the momentum toward a tipping point. Thank you Way-FM for creating a momentum builder! (If you haven't heard the radio spot yet, here's your chance!)

What are you thankful for today?


amynelsonmom said...

"The cancer was big and Kyrie was so small"...chills. That is the truth. The cold, hard, hurtful truth. But the Kyrie foundation is BIG. The foundation is doing great things and I am so blessed to be a small part of it. I never got to meet Kyrie. I didn't even know about her story until February of this year. But God placed Kyrie's story in my life at exactly the right time. I believe that God meant for me to meet Kyrie through her amazing story. A story that has a cold, hard, hurtful ending. But a beautiful beginning for other children. What the foundation is doing is amazing...wonderful...good. I know that God has his hands on the walk. He has his hands on the foundation and he has his loving arms around us all. Keep it up guys! Today, I am thankful for the butterflies.

humblepie said...

Oh, Amy. This is just what all of us hard-working butterflies needed to hear! ;) Thank you for making Kyrie and all of us your friends.