Thursday, April 12, 2007

A beautiful goodbye.

A ginormous thank you to all of you who were able to make it to Kyrie's vigil and/or funeral. Lacie was afraid that people might be too busy to attend, but with a motorcade to White Chapel Cemetery that was over a mile long, I don't think there was anything to worry about. So much support. That's what they need right now.

There are still so many wonderfully generous things that people are doing--Jordan, Lacie, the family, everybody are awestruck by all of the good works that people are giving. The flowers alone--thank you so much to everyone that sent all the immaculate arrangements. The florals made the sanctuary so special. The food has also been tremendously helpful. Nobody feels like going to the grocery store. And nobody feels much like cooking right now either.

For those of you unable to make it, I have a few photos that I can share. Please check back tomorrow or over the weekend.

And that's another thing ... many of you have asked about the continuation of this site. Right now, it's staying. I never expected that I'd be posting for a mere two months, so the postings may become less frequent but wholly forthcoming nevertheless.

Uncle Chad and I have been doing some thinking, too. We don't want all this sorrow and pain to be for nothing. Something big, something good, something lasting has to be done--that's just our way of dealing and understanding this mire of tears and loss. If any of you have ideas, please feel free to share. At this point, we're open to anything.

For me, today was a wrenching closure laced with thick strands of pure gratitude. Thanks you for those strands.


shelby said...

To Kyrie's family - what a beautiful service that you had for your special angel. I was moved as were all the people in the room. I was so impressed by your strength that it inspires me to do more, to do better in my life. That's where my suggestion comes for this site. As I listened on Wednesday night to the scores of people telling Megan "Thank you" for the wonderful web-site she created and for her always creative and thoughtful writing, I thought too "this can't be it." I am sure many people were inspired too, by Kyrie and her amazing parents and family. What if you had people leave there thoughts and/or short stories of the things they have done differently in their lives because they have been affected - no, changed - by all of this. Anything little or big, but maybe we can all inspire each other in her honor. I will start with something small. My 11 year old came home and was so excited about a field trip his class was going to take to the cosmosphere. He wanted me to go to. His face sank when he said, "Oh, it's on a Monday and you work on Monday's" I thought about Kyrie and the briefness of life, but also the briefness of childhood and I know there will be a time very quickly where Kyle may not want to even be seen with his mom, so I told him I would change my work day and go with him. I did that because of her and the joy in his face and the memories that we will have are because of the inspiration I have got from this site, little Kyrie and her loving family. I am still praying for all of you and love you all - shelby

Keith & Jamie Tjaden said...

The ceremony was amazing and so beautiful. I only wish that Keith and I wouldn't have had to go back to work so that we could have went to White Chapel. I'm sure that it was equally beautiful. We will always keep Kyrie in our hearts. She has changed us forever.


Keith & Jamie Tjaden

godsgirl said...

Wow words cannot explain how wonderful Kyries homegoing was.I feel like wonderful is not an appropriate word for when someone has passed away,but it really is because she is no longer in pain and she is now perfect with no tumor.I will forever pray for Jordan,Lacie and the rest of the family.Continue to look to God for your strength.If you need anything let us know.Debbie & Joe Schneider

ksfaith said...

It sounds like the services were absolutely beautiful!! We are continuing to pray for you all!
We have a card we would like to send to Lacie and Jordan. I thought the address was posted at one point, but I can't find it. Could I get it when you have time? Thanks bunches!!

Melissa said...

A beautiful goodbye it was...I will never forget watching those pink "boons" drift away...I'm sure that there was a little angel waiting in heaven to play with them!
Thank you again for sharing your very soul with us. I know that Danny and I have been forever changed.
As I told you both, we are still here with you. We have no plans to leave your side now. Our hope is to only coninue to support you through the days ahead!

Love you all lots.

humblepie said...

Hi, Kristi--I know they really appreciate the cards that are coming, so just e-mail me at and I'll pass on their address. We took their address off to prevent misuse. Sad that we have to secondguess things like that ...

I'll look for your e-mail!