Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hoping for Hope

As Megan's husband and Kyrie's uncle, I will do my best to stand-in and update the site. No additional news as of yet. Prayers are needed more than ever and we continue to hope for hope. Thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Dee Amm said...

Thanks Chad. You and Megan are awesome at getting updates on Kyrie out!! Still praying!!!!!

godsgirl said...

Thank you so much Chad for going ahead and keeping all of us updated.I pray that Megan has a safe trip here.I will never stop praying for Kyrie and all of her family. I am so blessed for this website.It is nice to be able to be kept informed as to everything that is going on.God bless each of you.Debbie Schneider

Christy said...

Thank you Chad! Sending prayers up!