Monday, April 2, 2007


Kyrie returned to the hospital yesterday.

After more than a week of vomiting, restlessness and weakness, Kyrie began having seizures yesterday. Jordan and Lacie rushed back to the hospital Sunday afternoon, thinking she was having a reaction to her new anti-nausea meds. After a quick CT scan (They thought to do a MRI last night, but something about on-call staffing problems ...), they discovered that her fluid drainage line was clogged and as a result she had been building fluid for over a week.

They were going to prep her for surgery last night, but her seizures became much worse. Jordan said that he and Lacie were told that they got there in the nick of time. Kyrie's heart rate reached 200+ and she was running a 103 degree temperature. In an effort to remove fluid and pressure, a doctor punctured her tube. Her neurosurgeon arrived and drained off even more fluid for a grand total of 75 mL. They tested the fluid and there is some infection, perhaps from the abdomen area. She continued having seizures until early this morning.

She is being prepped for a 9:00 a.m. surgery to either replace the drainage tube or to insert an external drainage tube. We're not sure which. Either way, Kyrie will be on a ventilator when she wakes up.

And here's the salt in the wound: Had she completed her MRI as first scheduled last Wednesday, they would have found the fluid and avoided this current peril.

We don't know if they will do the MRI today or not. Probably not with all the other things happening.

More news as it comes in.


godsgirl said...

I cannot even imagine what you are going through right now.My heart and prayers go out for you.If I can do anything at all for you please let me know.You can call Joe Schneider Jordan knows his # or you can call me at 871-7065.Take care and God bless each of you.Always remember God is in control of all of this and he will never leave your side.Debbie Schneider

Debbie said...

We saw precious Kyrie last night at the ER. She had her princess T-shirt on and I reminded the doctor that she was our "little princess",
so her care needs to done with the upmost excellence. I'm always amazed at the strength of Jordan & Lacie. Yes, they have there moments of break downs, who wouldn't, but the "God
given" calmness and strength, is so evident in them.
Even with all the frustrations of not having the MRI this week, I beleive more than ever that God is healing her! I thank him for always being there for this precious family.

Kristina said...

Madison and I pray for you all and for Kyrie every night before bed. Madison is 2 and says "Jesus, touch Kyrie's body. Amen." Yesterday's video we watched during church was amazing. Hopefully this gets to Kyrie's mommy and daddy. The basic point was that God doesn't always remove the (rough) circumstances in our life, but he will lift us up with his strength during these circumstances. Get the video from Pastor Boone! LOVE YOU ALL! And prayers too, obviously. Kristina Baker

Ashlee said...

Lots of prayers are coming Kyrie's way from Kansas City!! I continue to be amamzed by the strength of Kyrie as well as her family and friends. Keep holding strong!