Friday, April 20, 2007

Collecting more thoughts.

Been thinking a lot about how much we value goodness and about what exactly it takes for people to change their lives. When does a story about a sick little girl stick to your soul in a way that changes old, self-centered habits?

How many times have we heard of a neighbor or distant relative or news story of someone enduring something tragic? How many times do we hear "life is short" or "make a difference"? We know, we know, but do we do anything about it? Don't we just sit on the couch/do our jobs/talk on the phone/push the shopping carts and watch a few other people make a difference?

Several of you have said, and I agree, that Kyrie's life has a greater purpose, which is to say that I, you, we, they, must be changed for the better, do something for the better to make her nebulous "greater purpose" true. Quite a call to action, no?

I work with a guy who lives in a rough part of K.C. I just found out over lunch today that each summer he coaches softball for about 30 kids ages 6 to 15. Just random kids. It's not an organized league. He buys them t-shirts (He's not even close to being "well off.") and gives them a place, time and something to do to keep them out of trouble. Just him. Just because.

Thinking about some exciting ideas that I'd like to share probably next week.

In the meantime, here's a story about an experiment designed to see if people notice and value goodness. Very telling.


Erin said...

Fascinating article, Megan. In watching the video snips, the children are the ones that slow and pull towards the music. Thanks for sharing this and sparking even more thought about all of this. We vowed tonight after reading this to stop when our daughter stops to..well..."smell the roses." Thinking of you, Lacie, Jordan and all of your family.

Megan said...

I have been reading your blog and have hestiated to post, because I know that no words of comfort can *really* comfort you and your family at this time. I lost a brother several years ago and all the words of comfort bounced off me. I know people meant well. I know they were sorry. But deep down I knew that they would leave the funeral and get back to their normal lives and nobody could take the hurt away from me. There's no magic words to make things all better. All you want is your Kyrie back.

She was beautiful. I didn't know her, but through your blogs, you shared her a little. And I'm grateful for that. What a wonderful sacrifice for Jordan and Lacie to let their baby return to God, to deliver her home to Him so lovingly. What a great gift that was to Kyrie to feel such great love on both sides of the veil simultaneously. Thank you for sharing her life with us. We will all be changed just by "knowing" her.

Debbie said...

Life is short and there is little time to do what we need to do...but when you pray each day for God to use's amazing how many hurting people cross your path. They're everywhere. I really don't believe that we will be fulfilled, unless we get involved with people...or serve others. This involvement sometimes will bring hurt and disappoints, but knowing that you're doing what pleases God, is what we must focus on. My faith is still strong and I still believe God heals; sometimes it's just not the way we planned.
I love Jordan and Lacie and I know that God will get them through the loss of their precious Kyrie. I know that they will bless others, just as they were blessed.
Debbie Baker

motherof2 said...

I think you pose an interesting question here.."she has touched your heart, but has she changed your life?" Well, I'll tell you honestly the difference that has been made in my own life..I hug my children a little longer, I don't raise my voice as much, I want to be with them more, play with them. I listen to what they are saying when they talk to me..this is real. I am a better mother. I have even considered having another one, in the light of their "newfound preciousness." I think it is important that her story isnt just truly is inspiring. I am excited for my children to wake up in the morning..if only all parents could value their children in this way.

All that being said, it is sad to live in a fallen world like we do where we lose people we love. And it is a heartache. I am praying for you all the time..and i mean all the time. I pray for you, Jordon and Lacie constantly. I wonder what are you doing right now, are you all able to eat or sleep today, what are your thoughts consumed by. WHY did this happen? I dont know why..all I know is that it hurts, it doesnt even matter just hurts and mothing can take that away right now. So we are here for you..You need us, relatives, friends, and yes, even the "strangers" united in supporting you through this grief. So continue to write, we wait..needing to hear from you, needing to know each day that you are ok today, or at least hanging in there. And cry, cry, cry, you dont have to be strong..our tears bring release and healing. Sending a ton of love your way today...motherof2

humblepie said...

Thank you, Erin, motherof2 and Debbie. That's what needs to happen. More and more and more of that incremental change.

And Megan, thank you so much for sharing a piece of your heart. Yours are some of the most truly comforting words I've read yet.