Thursday, April 5, 2007


Oh, Lord; Oh, Lord; Oh, Lord.

Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie.

Everyone got home before noon today. Kyrie is in her room on Dog with That and Momma and Dadda. The arm kept going all afternoon, right now, though, it's a little harder for her to control, to move. She tried to open her good eye once this afternoon, but hasn't tried since.

We saw the MRI of her head and spine. This cancer has just taken over. The cancer cells used the cerebral fluid to travel all through her brain and up and down her spine leaving pieces of itself to grow.

She can still hear you. She's still in there. She's trying to tell you things. She felt for and found Momma's nose and honked it and then tried to find her nose. Nana curled beside her and with everything she had, Kyrie yelled, "Nana!" She keeps feeling Dadda's hair and whiskers. In one quiet moment, with just the three of them, Kyrie blew kisses to Momma and Dadda.

Her breathing is irregular and labored. Lacie & Jordan are doing everything they can do to love her to heaven, to be with her as she finds her way.

It's hard for me to type you these things because these are the most intimate moments of their/our grief, but I want you to know for whom you are praying. I want her short life to matter in a way that makes me and you different, better than we were yesterday.

Oh, Lord; Oh, Lord; Oh, Lord.

Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie.


Leah Rundle said...

We are still with you, Loving and Praying.
I wish there was more I could do to take the pain away.
All my love,

Darcie Anderson said...

Lacie & Jordon,
I love you and I am so sorry you are having to go thru this very hard and painful time. I (like Leah) wish there was something I could do to take the pain away. I have been praying for you and Kyrie every day since we last saw each other. I am so sorry, I know you are hearing that a lot right now and I wish there was something else I could say.... You are in my prayers and I am here if you need anything.
All my love & prayers,

Jose said...

I don't know what to say, what to comment. It seems as if anything I could say for you, for Kyrie, would just be repition of what a crowd of voices would say.

I just hope that crowd of voices grows for you, for Jordan and Lacie, for Kyrie.

I am so sorry.

schnauzer said...
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schnauzer said...

I am a friend of jan and norma. i just wanted to say that i am so sorry. so many people love and are praying for you and kyrie and jan and norma.

Beverly said...

Thank you Lacie & Jordan for letting us be with Kyrie last night. It meant so much to us. We love you all so much. Let us know if we can do anything for you guys. We're praying for you all. Don't know what else to do riht now. Love to you all.
Ann, Asa, & Kenzie

Tim and Kim Dreiling said...

Dear Jordan and Lacie,
We are so sorry to hear about Kyrie. We will continue to pray for her,both of you, and all of your family. It's a terrible thing to lose a child, no matter what age they are. We lost our son in Dec. of 2005 from injuries sustained in a car accident. He was 26. There were a lot of things that Kyrie didn't get to do that Travis did, but there were a lot of things the we did that Travis didn't get to do. (Although Travis was a very daring boy, so he did things that we never did.)The both lived a very short life on earth but will continue live together in Heaven. Travis loved children so I can see him teasing Kyrie and playing with her. (Travis had just found out he was going to have a child of his own when he had his accident. His son was born 7 months after his death.)May God be with you all through these trying times. We knew Gary and family and you are all GREAT people. Take care of each other, and remember the good times!! Love and prayers!
Tim and Kim Dreiling