Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Moments away ...

Okay, today's the big day. We'll know more about the cancer that Kyrie is fighting. Are the tumors growing? Are they the same? Are they shrinking? Signs of stroke damage? Fluid? Lots of things to check.

I know each one of you has a life full of complicated needs warranting prayers. You may have children or grandchildren of your own, health issues of your own, situations in your immediate family that need divine guidance or any number of conundrums that need your help and attention. You care. You give. So, when you take a moment to step aside and think of Kyrie or when you include in her in your spiritual practices, you are not only a caregiver in your own circle of influence, but you become a caregiver for humankind. And even if it weren't Kyrie, I know that you would be doing the same for anyone vulnerable, anyone who needs your help. The whole What Would Jesus Do? You're doing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'll post today's progress as it arrives.

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godsgirl said...

I come to you right now and I pray to the Lord that each of the test will come out well.The tumor will be gone or shrunk,no signs of stroke and that our little angel will be healed in Jesus name.I pray for the family,the drs and everyone involved.Love you all and God bless each of you .Debbie Schneider