Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Still in PICU

Kyrie's surgery went without complication yesterday. Such a relief. The end of her cerebral drainage tube was clogged (with proteins? scar tissue?), so the surgeon cut off the end, fitted the tube with a new tip and thread the tube back through Kyrie's body. She is not on a ventilator but has an oxygen mask close by to keep her O2 level up, which has dropped every now and then. Technicians took a chest X-ray, and everything looked fine.

She still hasn't woken from yesterday's procedure. A few small, mild seizures yesterday. A little mumbling "mamma" and "dadda" and reaching for the hoses around her chest, but she hasn't fully snapped out of it yet. And that's okay for now. Rest heals.

There's talk of doing that ever-elusive MRI tomorrow. Depends on how today goes. After she comes out of PICU, she'll likely still be in the hospital a few days for monitoring.

Thank you for continuing to be with Kyrie, Lacie & Jordan through this, especially during the last 48 hours.


Melissa said...

Praying hard for you all... It may sound cliche', but it's so true that God will NOT give you more than He will equip you to deal with...
There are lots of prayers going up and love coming to you from Cheney!

Anne said...

Kyrie is a doll baby. Your site really touched me. I received the link from a former coworker who is friends with Jordan's cousin Erin. I believe in the power of prayer and this site that you have created for your niece is really great.

Anne - Wellington, KS

Leah Rundle said...

Thank you for keeping us updated!! Please tell Lacey and Jordan there are lots of us thinking and praying for them. I sent the web address to my friends and family and have gotten a few tearful calls.
Please know that we are are praying for the best. Kyrie is showing some amazing strength

DeeAnn said...

We are so thankful that Kyrie came through surgery without complications. There were many, many prayers that came Kyrie's way yesterday after we read about her latest set of issues. I checked the blog multiple times yesterday hoping for good news. Lacie and Jordan, you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Beverly said...

Checking and praying daily. We are constantly thinking of all of you. Love to you all. Thanks for all the information on the site. Kiss Kyrie for us.
Gary & Ann