Thursday, February 28, 2008

The bead queen.

Those bracelets are certainly doing their jobs! So many have purchased these beauties that we've put in for a second round from another of Kyrie's newest friends, Terry Casley! Without a doubt, the Kyrie Foundation Bracelet Collection would not exist without Terry.

A proficient and prolific beader, she has single-handedly made all the bracelets from her home in Cheney, KS. So to all of you who are wearing yours today, know that what decorates your wrist is the loving result of a woman who has the gift of cathartic goodness. She has poured her caring feelings into making these bracelets, which has become a way to spread Kyrie's story. You wouldn't believe how well done these bracelets are. Such attention to detail and precision.

Terry is in the process of building a Web site for her budding home-business, Creative Jewelry with TLC. In the meantime, you can meet Terry and look over her creations at the upcoming craft show at St. Peter's in Schulte, KS on March 8, 2008. That's next Saturday for those of you in the area!

Even though we've never met, we thank you, Terry. All of us thank you for extending your time & talent to create a vehicle to carry Kyrie's story. So thankful for Terry & Amy today.

What are you thankful for today?


amynelsonmom said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the bracelets are beautiful. My Mom, sister, friend and niece all have them and absolutely love them! They are a wonderful way to wear Kyrie's story for all to see. Megan, I am thankful for the "bead queen" and for you too. ") Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Hail to the queen!! :) Seriously, I just love Terry Casley. She's one of the most caring, loving and unselfish people I've ever been lucky enough to call friend. Terry has experienced loss herself and I thank her for opening her heart to Kyrie and her family. Terry has been right there with all of us from the very beginning of Kyrie's battle. She mourned the loss, right along with us all. Terry and I spent a good deal of time crying together when the angels took Kyrie home. She felt compelled to be a part of saying good-bye to Kyrie. She now wants with all her heart to be a part of caring on Kyrie's legacy. Terry is just an amazing person. I love her a whole bunch!

If you are ever in need of custom designed, beautifully crafted jewelry, look her up. Feel free to contact me and I'll put you in touch with "the bead queen". She's the greatest!

Big love,

Melissa said...

Terry asked me to post this for her...

I would like to say thanks for letting me be a part of such a wonderful foundation. But most of all I thank God for allowing such a precious little girl and family to touch me in such a way that I'll hold dearly for the rest of my life.

With God's Blessing and all my love...
Terry Casley

PS.Just a little note: we have now exceeded the $1000 mark with bracelet sales!!!! Ya-hoo!! Thank you for buying, wearing, telling, caring, sharing...and for giving. We are now $1000 closer to a cure. All because of wonderful people like Terry and all of you!! Melissa