Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3

Continued ...

Commit thyself, big time. It’s this commitment that will keep you going after you overcome inertia. Sometimes we get filled up with enthusiasm, but then a few days later, that enthusiasm wanes and we submit to our old buddy laziness. Now, I’m not anti-laziness — just the opposite, I assure you — but we can’t let it stop us from making our dreams come true. So instead, make a commitment, publicly. State your small, achievable goal, and tell it to as many people as you can. Call or email friends and family, tell all your coworkers, join an online forum related to your goal and tell all of them. Put it on your blog. However you do it, make sure people are aware of your goal, and that there’s sufficient pressure to overcome laziness.

Sometimes we have to overcome ourselves, don't we? We have to check our laziness, our habits, our genetics, our upbringing, our examples, our relationships and our deficiencies at the door. No excuses to do good things, to think better thoughts, to say better words. It's easier to commit to a new idea when you have a buddy who supports you and might even like to join you in your goodness, kind of like a walking pal, a prayer friend, a buddy who's good with sheetrock and who owns a pick-up. When you share your plan for change, when you say it out loud, the plan becomes very real. The mere breath it takes to convey the sentence is a breath in the right direction. Whatever good idea you have waiting to be put into motion, take hold and own it today.

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