Friday, February 1, 2008

A sweet idea.

If you're looking for something special to give to a pretty Valentine this year, you're in luck. Presenting ...

Three styles of bracelets have been lovingly handmade by a woman who has followed Kyrie's story since this time last year. All time & materials have been GENEROUSLY donated by very kind, very caring souls. Photos are just a tad blurry, but you'll get a good idea.

The first is an adult-sized, toggle-clasp bracelet with alternating pink crystals, clear square crystals and pearly spheres for $15.

The second is an adult-sized, toggle-clasp bracelet with silver contour bars and pink crystals for $15.

And the third is a Mommy & Me set much like the one Lacie & Kyrie have. One adult size with toggle clasp, one child size with spring clasp, both styled the same with alternating pink crystals, pearly spheres and silver beads between each for $20. Great for Grandma & Me, Auntie & Me, Godmother & Me, Big Sister & Me, too.

Here's Kyrie's Grandma Jan modeling the set.

Each comes in a gift box with a special tag that conveys Kyrie's story and that of the Kyrie Foundation. To purchase or for more information, please feel free to e-mail


motherof2 said...

Oh, I love this! These are so special!

Melissa said...

Yeh! I'm so excited. I just wanted to further comment that it's EXTREMELy hard to capture the beauty of these pieces in a photo...part of the reason for the blurriness is that they are so SPARKLY! Really special. The woman who designed them did so out of her love for Kyrie and her family. She has been through the trials of losing two children and wanted to do something to help carry on Kyrie's legacy. I'm in awe of such selflessness.

The bracelets all have a special heart clasp and they are PINK in honor and in memory of a girly girl and her mommy.

Some very special people here in Cheney donated enough to cover the cost of the materials for these bracelets....thus, you can know that every dollar you spend on these bracelets goes toward finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors! What could be better!

I'm so excited!
Big Love,

motherof2 said...

Oh wow, that brings tears to my eyes. They are simply beautiful and I am going to order! You are doing an amazing job at the foundation. Everything is so thoughtful and special. I miss Kyrie for this family so much, but find comfort in this place!